Do you believe in the butterfly effect?

Have you ever thought of your financial impact on the world?

Have you ever wondered if a human and profitable brand could be possible?


If you answered yes to one of the questions (or better yet, all three of them), you are in for a treat because I have good news: beauty can save us.

My infatuation with skincare and beauty practices began in my childhood.

Watching my mother meticulously massage potion-like liquids into her skin that would suddenly start to glow, was nothing short of a magic trick for me. Oil blends, heady perfumes, and delicious masks… each applied in a perfect order, each having its power… my mother was a magician for sure and I wanted to learn the tricks and apply them to myself.

Little by little, I came to understand what the steps in the show were, how the ingredients worked and how un-magical things could turn out to be. Marketing focused on insecurities and fears, environmental and social consequences of the industry, and rising concerns about what constituted them were elements that would almost break the spell. Almost. I could not believe that this was the reality, that the beauty industry was only filled with hungry male CEO’s preying on women’s insecurities to push formulations that had little to no integrity and benefit to them.

I embarked on a quest to be proven wrong and I was rewarded. From small women cooperatives based in Chad or Ghana to Geneva-based skincare creators and big companies, I found a world of people sharing the same belief. The belief that beauty is universal, plural and good. The spell was cast once again.

I want to share my enchantment with you. Through the à fleur de skin platforms, you will find inspiration and examples of people that want to make you look and feel good by doing good. They are entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, concerned citizens, innovators, dreamers that prove that beauty is not only skin deep.   

Every cent you spend contributes to the system you want to be perpetuated. So let it be a more humane and compassionate world, let your coin be another tool of political action.



I hope you find useful material to take care of your beautiful self.

Love and Glow,